school students shared some of their beautiful essays about veterans

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Garfield 4th and 5th graders wrote essays about veterans

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However, it is important that the intermingling in some sections of this book, of essays about former Nazis or soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army with essays about veterans from the Allied side, is not taken to imply any moral equivalence between the different political systems involved. No one with my family heritage – a father who fought in the RAF during the war and an uncle killed on the Atlantic convoys – could ever forget that the Western democracies were fundamentally on the side of righteousness during the conflict. Though the testimony in this book does reveal that there are occasionally some surprising similarities of personal experience across national boundaries.

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Veterans are a very important part of our society as they are a group that has made often great sacrifices for us all. Many suffer from horrific disabilities and post traumatic shock and really need our support and understanding. So if you are tasked with writing an essay about veterans there is a huge amount that you could write.

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(Photo by Dalton Sue). Left: Kenzo Kanemoto, a World War II veteran of the Military Intelligence Services, reads essays about veterans by 'Iolani second graders.

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"They are going to read their essays about Veterans Day, and more importantly, they will have the opportunity to meet a real life hero," Veterans Elementary principal Bob Bruce said.

In addition, four participants in the fourth grade essay contest read their original essays about veterans.

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and the inclusion of elementary school youth singing the service songs and reading essays about Veterans made the day truly special.

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