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Being busy most of the times, only a few people can notice the beauty of nature. We live in the cities where behind all the cars, skyscrapers and smaller houses we have not many places where we could enjoy the beauty of nature.

Still, if you are a person who can find several free minutes to enjoy nature, you have all the chances to write a perfect essay about nature. Nature is a really broad topic and there are hundreds of issues that can be discussed in essays on nature.

Usually, a lot of students have some difficulties choosing topics for their papers. Selecting a worthy topic for an essay about nature can also be challenging. However, we are ready to give you several tips that will help you generate brilliant ideas for your essay on nature.

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500 (and one) Photo Essays About Nature, And Counting!

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Use the term “nature writing” in Australia, says Blue Mountains author Mark Tredinnick, and you’re generally met with a puzzled expression. Booksellers, for example, are confused about where to put a book of essays about nature – in the travel section, perhaps? Or history? Whereas in North America, Tredinnick claims, the tradition of the poetic, personal essay about place is a long and solid one. Beginning with Montaigne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and poet Emily Dickinson, and practised now in the writings of Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, Peter Matthiessen and many others like them, the nature essay, or ‘place writing’, is as established a genre in the US and Canada as crime fiction.

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I thought of this experience as I read Still the Same Hawk, a collection of twelve essays about nature and New York City, edited by John Waldman. The essays vary widely in tone, reflecting the backgrounds of their authors–academics, professional writers and memoirists. There are thoughts about the possible futures of New York City, based on how we reclaim our waters and where we invest our resources, and there are descriptions of how to teach urban college students to value their natural, usually unseen surroundings, and there are essays expounding the “duality” of living in a world of cement and steel where plants and hawks and rats and butterflies insist on making their presence known.

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Essays about nature tend to be mainly for a field of study revolving around that, so you’ll really have to search to find essay examples to use. Nature isn’t exactly a hot subject overall to write on, but if you’re in the field of study you’ll have to do it eventually and that means the pressure is mainly on you to pull diamonds from this lump of coal of a subject.So, like nature itself, your essay about nature can be wonderful and powerful or free and easy like a light breeze in a warm sunny day.

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I think you might like the author Leonard Dubkin and his essays about nature in Chicago.

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EVST 373 is a writing workshop class for the creation, critique, and revision of essays about nature and the environment. Writing might include natural history, personal narrative, science interpretation, advocacy/argument, place-based essays, and others. Through reading, discussing, and writing, students will practice and understand key concepts, forms, and approaches to writing creative non-fiction about environmental concerns, awareness, and sensitivity.

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We all know that topics for writing have no boundaries and writing an essay about nature was also one of the topics. However, at the present time writing an essay about nature has become an extremely common task. Maybe this is because occurrence of a lot of natural calamities in this day and age has made people focus more on nature rather than anything else.

Essays about nature tend to be mainly for a field of study revolving around that, so you'll really have to search to find essay examples to use

Essay on Nature by Arthur Lee Jacobson

The Alphabet of the Trees: A Guide to Nature Writing
is a collection of twenty-nine essays by nature writers, poets, fiction writers and educators. More than simply a collection of essays about nature, The Alphabet of the Trees is a wonderful collection of ideas for the classroom and the field.