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Professor Smith's book, (Basic Books, 1973) wasnominated for a inhistory, and was reissued in paperback in 1992 with a new epilogue by IvanR. Dee, Inc., in Chicago. An article written for (Summer 1989), "Historical Perspectives on AIDS: Society, Culture andSTDs" was chosen for inclusion in ,Douglas Fetherling, ed. (Saskatoon: Fifth House, 1990). Recent articlesinclude "National Security and Personal Isolation: Sex, Gender, andDisease in the Cold-War United States", (May 1992); "Security, Gender, and the Historical Process" in (Winter 1994); and "Peace History: A Many Splendored,Splintered Thing", (Fall 1993). He alsoedited and wrote an introduction for a special issue of the journal (April 1996)--aquarter-century retrospective on the Kent State shootings of 1970; acritical essay on sport since 1950, "The Roar of the Greasepaint, theSmell of the Crowd?" (, Fall1996); and a feature review essay for entitled"Beware the Historian! Hiroshima, the , and the Dangers ofHistory (Winter 1998).

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Douglas Booth’s chapter ‘Constructing Knowledge. Histories of Modern Sport’ is undeniably imaginative but arguably too rich for an undergraduate diet. Noting in passing some relatively well-worn ground – Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson on globalization, David Rowe on the media and Sheila Scraton and Anne Flintoff on gender, feminist theory, and sport – we come to the rather more novel contribution of Joshua J. Newman and Mark Falcous on political theories of social class, sport, and the body. Class is so often one of the first casualties in the daunting quest for intersectionality that it is refreshing to see a chapter of this sort in the first section of the book which is devoted more generally to sporting structures and historical formations. Newman and Falcous review previous work on social class and sport, accurately point out the challenges that face like-minded researchers in the contemporary era and, nevertheless, conclude that ‘The voice of the critical sociology of sport is as indispensable as ever’ (p. 90). Also located in the opening section of the book are two chapters which consider some of the more recent concerns of sociologists of sport. Parissa Safai writes about sports medicine, health, and the politics of risk and Brian Wilson and Brad Millington contribute an essay on sport, ecological modernization, and the environment. Both chapters are welcome indications that the social sciences of sport must move with the times in order to be relevant whilst Newman and Falcous remind us that we should be careful not to jettison older ideas too readily.

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I know Jonathan’s PE teacher, so that introduction was easy; Clive did some coaching at Uppingham School when I taught there, so that was easy too. I was determined to have an essay on sport for disabled pupils. I had met Tanni just once and I kept pressing (she is very busy with the Paralympics) until she said ‘yes’. So personal contacts over 40 years of teaching captured most of the contributors. HRH heard about the book from a mutual friend, I was told that she liked the concept, and so I wrote to Buckingham Palace. I was delighted when she said ‘yes’ and her foreword sets the tone of the whole book.

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With Yellow Jersey, the clue is in the title. They do publish a diverse and original list. (As well as Bobby Moore, they've also got Night Games, a riveting essay on sport and sexual politics, on the longlist for the upcoming William Hill sports book of the year award). But the meat of their catalogue is provided by cycling, a sport that has now overtaken cricket to move to No 2 on the literary ladder. Only football shifts more product.

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