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Christoph Studt's essay on foreign policy underscores the ideological basis of Hitler's goals, which focused on race and . Revision of the post-World War I peace settlement served as a cover for territorial aspirations that extended far into the East. Studt also argues - correctly, in my opinion - that Hitler was the driving force in European international affairs, while other European leaders, such as Chamberlain, Mussolini, and Stalin, were placed mainly in the position of having to react to German initiatives and actions. Hitler understood from an early point that his goals could not be attained peacefully. Beginning far earlier than his counterparts around Europe, he operated on the assumption that war was inevitable, and thus would require preparation on a number of levels.

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Foreign policy reviews are nothing new to the Canadian government, although their form has varied considerably. The fist comprehensive overview of Canadian foreign policy appeared in a speech given by Louis St Laurent, the SSEA, in Toronto in January 1947. Thereafter, it was a question of amendments and redefinition, although some historians claim that the original formulation has never been bettered. At various times, ministers and senior officials asked for a re-examination of particular aspects of Canadian policy. Perhaps the most important early attempt was in 1951 when Professor Frederic Soward was given extensive access to departmental files (with the apparent exception of documents relating to discussions with the United States on free trade in 1947-8) and produced a high quality (if orthodox) essay on foreign policy. …

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