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This month’s essay on assessment practices – Characteristics of Effective Assessment Plans – showcases the most prominent features of good learning measurement. I especially like Sharon Walters’s insightful use of the “New Unit of Instruction” (NUI) form required by the Illinois Board of Higher Education for each new degree program. Who would ever have thought assessment could be so basic? It begins with defining learning outcomes and it ends with revising the curriculum. There’s no better way for faculty to improve a program.

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This award was named in honor of the first President of the IAAO, John C. Donehoo, and is presented to the author of the best essay on assessment, property tax administration, or policy. The submitted essay must be on a topic, written in a style, and of a length suitable for publication in the Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration.

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Having to write an essay on Assessment in MFL for my PGCE, this video was very useful indeed and provided me with a good insight of how AfL can be effective in the languages classroom.

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