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AIDS is one of the most high profile diseases of the modern world and it's feared everywhere. While it's made many people change their lifestyles in the west, though, the place it's made the most impact is in Africa. AIDS in Africa may come up as a specific essay topic, or you may be assigned an essay on AIDS and decide to focus on Africa as your theme. Either way there are a number of interesting issues to look into. Here are a few suggestions.

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Civil Liberties in the Crucible: An Essay on AIDS and ..

IAPAC Monthly: Your essay on AIDS writing, "Journals of the Plague Years," ends with a series of questions about where HIV literature is headed now that people of means can take effective regimens. So let me read those questions, which you posed in 1997, and ask if you think any of them has been answered:

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Hence, you can choose any of the preceding topics to write a good essay on aids regarding the situation you have been assigned by your teacher.

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"Speaking in Tongues": An Essay on AIDS Denial by John Boucher

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Expository Essay on AIDS Introduction: AIDS is a life and death issue. To have the AIDS disease is at present a sentence of slow but inevitable death.

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