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To write a good essay introduction quickly requires a decent amount of mental rumination. Basically, you’ve got to form the concept fully in your head so as to fully understand the point and where you wish to “go” with your piece. Before you even sit down to write your essay introduction, make sure that your ideas are fully formed, then take a look at some essay introduction examples to get an idea of what makes a good essay introduction. Having a full understanding of how to write an essay introduction, as well as all that you wish to cover in your essay, will have you prepared and on the right path towards quickly writing a strong essay introduction.

Sample IELTS essay introduction:

Sample IELTS essay introduction:

Sample IELTS essay introduction:

Every beginning is a hard one, especially the beginning of an essay. Before you start working, you need to set your goals. Ask yourself, what topic you would like to bring up and to what conclusion you may come. Essay introduction examples are perfect to support you on your way to your ideal essay.

Sample IELTS essay introduction:

First of all, let’s find out what an essay introduction consist of. Every sophisticated essay introduction example will show you that it should:

Sample IELTS essay introduction:
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The central idea or thesis statement in an essay introduction is the most important part of the essay and is thus indispensable. The thesis statement is usually one or two sentences long and tells the reader what the whole essay is going to be about.

What do all good essay introductions have in common? They have memorable opening lines.

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A good essay introduction is to the point, clear, concise, and well written. Oftentimes, we miss the proverbial “point” when writing our essay introduction. We forget what they are actually intended to do for the reader, and as such, our introductions can leave a lot to be desired. A great tip on starting your essay off strong is to take a look on the web to find essay introduction examples. This will give you a good idea as to the rough parameters your introduction should fall within.

Without a strong thesis, your essay introduction pretty much falls apart.

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Providing background information in an essay introduction serves as a bridge to link the reader to the topic of an essay. But exactly how long this bridge should be is largely dependent on how much information the writer thinks the reader will need in order to understand the issue being discussed in the essay and appreciate the importance of the issue. For much university writing (for which the readership may not be restricted to lecturers alone), one good rule of thumb for students to determine whether enough background information has been provided is to read the draft introduction to fellow students from other faculties and see whether they understand what is being talked about.