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Whether you are teaching English as a second language to others, or trying to learn the language yourself, the Internet provides a wealth of materials related to ESL which are great for ESL vocabulary activities. Since the crux of learning English is to learn and understand vocabulary words, many of these resources relate to mastering vocabulary.

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ESL Vocabulary Worksheets and Activities to print. The following key activities we create will be of great help in your teaching. Printables and Downloadable.

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Here are some fun ESL vocabulary games for teachers that help make revising new vocabulary fun. These activities are moderately difficult for the students, as the students have to produce the word or idiom themselves from definitions or other clues that they are given. Use these ESL vocabulary games with students that are good at revising their vocabulary and doing their homework.

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This site is being constantly updated and the newest ESL vocabulary topic will always be listed below so you can easily find new vocabulary to learn. Like the Excellent ESL 4U Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the newest pages on the site.


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Your ESL vocabulary is the basic buildingblock used when you speak. If you do not know the correct word in English youwill not be able to have a conversation or write an essay. So one of the mostimportant areas when learning English is to increase your vocabulary.

Food ESL Vocabulary and Sentences Food Game - Catapult Game

Food ESL Vocabulary and Sentences Game – Catapult Game