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To a startling degree, this electronic essay made me conscious of how Iwrite, how I think. It got me involved in the sort of Deweyan reflection-on-the-process that to me is the key to real education. A learner tries something new,steps back, then suddenly recognizes how and why it worked. Eureka! Betterstill, the learner articulates that discovery, tells the story of that personaladventure in learning. That's why I had to write this essay—to reflect on myexperience with long-distance collaboration and to bring home a trophy from thatadventure into unknown territory.

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This is part-time course will run from January 2016. Students on the PG Certificate programme gain knowledge and skills through attendance at formal teaching days, which is then evaluated by written assessment. The course involves attending a series of 14 days of training workshops led by the national and international leaders in their field. These training days are selected from the events on this site, and divided into 3 modules. The first module is assessed by way of a 90 minute written exam, and the further 2 modules through an electronic essay submission assessment. An additional 2 training days can be chosen as part of the course and these are non-assessed. The course is likely to appeal to individuals who wish to top-up their clinical skills through exposure to the latest interventions. CWI is recognised as a training provider by BABCP and attendance at all the courses will contribute towards the training hours required for individual accreditation by the .

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Harvey, Allan H., "Am I an Evangelical?" Electronic essay posted on his site, .
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To a startling degree, this electronic essay made me conscious of how I write, how I think

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This electronic essay will cover three topics found in the novel: themethods in which second (and third) generations of Holocaust survivorsstruggle to come to terms with the events of the Holocaust, the unusualform of the book, and the brutal nature of humanity, ever-threatening toobliterate the human race. Links to the different sections can be accessedbelow.

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Electronic essay submissions are preferred

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