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I’m a professional writer with three hard cover books, about a dozen ebooks, and dozens of client books to my credit. I can talk myself and many clients into listing books at Amazon and Smashwords without much worry about the royalty structures. I can even give good reasons to submit to print publishers and PODs. But I have yet to be able to find good reasons to pay an upfront and an annual fee to someone who will simply allow me to do the work to format and submit my books, then allow me to market the book and hope it sells enough to make back the upfront and annual fees. Then consider that if the vendor goes toes up after I have paid a bunch of annual fees, I am out a bucketful of money by my standards and have no books to sell. Gotta begin all over. Add to that the fact that many, many ebook publishing sites have terrible reputations and writers are very worried about getting taken for an expensive ride.

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Here’s what I think I think about pricing ebook publishing services — or how websites like Pressbooks, LuLu, BookBaby, Smashwords. Amazon, et al can make a lovely profit, provide good services to writers and authors, and allow writers and authors to make a living. Consider that

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Gain unprecedented insight into eBook publishers' business and production practices with the results and analysis of the latest eBook publishing survey, conducted in April 2012.

Designed to document the evolving impact of digital media on traditional content publishing and production, the survey represents the Consumer, Professional, Education, and Corporate publishing sectors.

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One application that can be used in this endeavor is eBook Publisher. The name is a direct hint at the purpose of the tool: a publishing tool for paperless text content. Adding the utility to the system is carried out fast and with no trouble.If you are looking to publish your work, an ebook publisher can help to maximize your target audience. Prospective readers will discover your book more easily if it is published and marketed by a reputable publisher. When properly done, this is a very cost efficient means of distributing your work to a huge audience., Jonathan Miller, 187 Ware Road, Hertford, Herts SG13 7EQ, United Kingdom — Ebook publishing, distribution, and marketing service based in the UK.You will not find a directory of publishers here. These can be found on a number of other sites. What you will find, are ebook publishers that are considered to be the in the business.Not all ebook publishers will market your books. Unless you want to market the ebook on your own, this should be a major consideration when choosing one.At the very least, ebook publishers should be respectable, trustworthy and reputable companies that offer a competitively priced service to their customers.
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Some things should be borne in mind when choosing a publisher. Ebook publishers are comparable to traditional publishers. They both publish books. The difference being the former produce paperless books. This may seem obvious. The point is, although the processes used in traditional and ebook publishing are physically different, the associated business transactions are essentially the same. This in itself is a good enough reason for choosing the right publisher. For an ebook to be successful, good marketing is extremely important.

However, it is not the most user-friendly ebook publishing tool on the market and there are plenty of rough edges in need of some polishing.

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eBook Publisher can work with multiple types of documents (ODF, HTML, CSS, SBM, GLS) but it also offers the possibility to paste text in an editor in order to add the content to the currently opened project.

To help you prepare for eBook publishing, the following design tips and tricks should assist you in getting started.

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Literary Agents! View presentation, which explores how literary agents can assist their clients' ebook publishing efforts.