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Today we came to visit Max Harleman at his school, Institucion Educativa 34087 in the ACO village of Paucartambo. We spent the day in a “multi-grado” classroom of 3rd and 4th graders. The kids used the XOs to help them work through long division math problems. Later in the day when the teacher’s lesson plan turned to religion and the sacrament of baptism, Max showed the students how to leverage Wikipedia on the XOs to look up “bautizo” (Spanish for baptism) and use the information found to write their compositions on the topic.

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Race your computer opponent to the top of a mountain by solving a mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math problems as fast as you can. This game is challenging.

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The kids used the XOs to help them work through long division math problems.
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The feeling of boredom, and the inability to focus on boring things is human. It prevents people from wasting their energy unproductively, and drives innovation. Is the A student who completes a hundred long division math problems by hand smarter than the A student who could have done one hundred long division problems by hand if they could have stood the sheer boredom without letting errors due to carelessness or inattention creep in, but instead found a way to cheat convincingly using a calculator? No. Most likely the innovator who cheated is the smarter one. Unable to feel the innate human drive of boredom, the innovator would not have been as driven to innovate.

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Lake Mathatobie Division Math Game - Select from three levels: easy, medium or hard. Snork's Long Division - Help Snork solve long division math problems.

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