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Writing a dissertation is a herculean task which evolves in every stage of the research process. When you begin your work on the research paper, you will primarily have to select a research topic based on which the research problem will addressed in your research. Finding an interesting research problem will require you to brainstorm on ideas which raise your curiosity to undertake a thorough research on the problem. This is the preliminary procedure. You may even change the topic or research problem if you feel that you will be unable to do proper justice to the research as the topic seems vague to you. Similar to this situation, your professor asks you to prepare an outline on your chosen research problem for your dissertation. You may begin framing your outline by looking at a dissertation outline sample which is available online. But these samples will not help you in writing your own paper due to the following reasons:

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If you are trying to write a dissertation, you will need an outline. Many other types of papers can be just rather winged, you can write as you go and fill in the details later. Dissertations do not work like this at all, because of the immense length and amount of work required. They are complex pieces of work that must not be taken lightly. Therefore, an outline is necessary. However, even an outline might be daunting! There is so much to write, an outline can be of great length. So sometimes, it is best to find a dissertation outline sample online and use that to guide your hand in writing your own outline.

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If these three sites do not provide enough help, there is one other place you can go for a dissertation outline sample: your instructor. Most instructions have examples of all parts of the dissertation process in their files. You might only be able to look at the sample in your instructor’s office, but that should be enough to help you see if you are on the right track or not. All you need to do is ask your instructor; the worst thing that could happen is that you hear the word “no.”

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