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Simon, Marilyn K., and J. Bruce Francis. The Dissertation Cookbook: From Soup to Nuts, A Practical Guide to Start and Complete Your Dissertation. 2nd ed., 1998.

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A dissertation book based on articles, i.e. a compilation thesis, has the same structure as the monograph, but the theoretical part, the so-called summarising chapter or framework, is much more condensed while the empirical part includes the peer reviewed articles which make the backbone of the thesis. The theoretical part could of course not be as extensive as the monograph depending on these articles, also being a part of the dissertation book, but depending on their comprehensiveness (having a common and main thread together), the theoretical part has to be further explained and amalgamated. In the research proposal the empirical part is planned to comprise a number of articles, but this number, and content as well, can also be changed depending on the conclusions made in the first articles. In both concepts, the PhD student does the theoretical part in parallel with the empirical one. For PhD students who pursue a compilation thesis, it is common and desirable to produce one article per year. It is also logical, but not necessary, that the next article goes hand in hand with the previous article, but it can be troublesome if a time consuming intervention is being implemented []. Each article is audited in manuscript research seminars at the home faculty or elsewhere before being submitted for publication to the peer reviewed journal selected. At the end of the study programme – often around 6 months prior to dissertation – it is common to start writing (or end up) the framework. As most results have at that time been presented in the articles, it is possible to summarise and create a comprehensive understanding and/or conclusion. During these natural stops it is quite possible to follow the PhD student's progress in the study programme.

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So the conclusions are; first, the PhD student must decide which dissertation concept he/she prefers depending on his/her outlook and motivation for doing a dissertation book. Second, it is important to find the faculty(ies) and supervisor(s) who have the same reasoning and outlook as the PhD student. Third, it is important to consider in which faculty area the PhD student wants to be active in the future so the former PhD student avoids getting stuck between two systems of academic outlooks; one that does not find publications in journals particularly important while the other finds publications and citations very important.

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