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To write a definition essay, you’ll need to define a word that:

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How do you define peace? How would a Syrian define peace? How would a harried and harassed mom define peace? How would a Tibetan monk define peace? Each definition would be completely tied to the individual’s person experiences, of course. And that is why there is such a thing as a definition essay. As a college student, you need to think about these abstract terms and begin to define them for yourself – that’s part of maturing. And, over your lifetime, these definitions will certainly change.

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Most definition essay assignments will come from an English comp class, but not always. And, you will probably have your choice of definition essay topics. My advice? Pick a term that interests you and that you know you have strong feelings about. These are always better essays. To get you started, here are some possible terms for a definition essay:

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A definition essay is an essay concentrated on the explanation of the meaning of a definite term. The term may be analyzed from the position of one and only meaning and also from the position of subjectivity of the person defining the term. This classification divides the words into two groups:The basic structure of a definitions essay consists of the thesis statement, examples to reveal the term from the necessary side and the author’s final restatement.A good definition essay is required to have a strong thesis statement in which the point of view of the author on a certain term is revealed. Ordinarily, the term is given the general basic definition implying that the dictionary definitions must be only a start for the author’s unique definition of the term. In order to make a definition essay professionally it is necessary to find a definition of the term that corresponds to the opinion of the author. The definition is always given in own words and specifies what meaning of the term is to be analyzed. The Concept Map you are trying to access has information related to: Definition Essay, How Do I Write A Definition Essay? A) What is a definition essay? Purpose: Can be informative, to entertain, persuasive, or just to express the author's thoughts, C) Organization such as spatial, How Do I Write A Definition Essay? C) Traditional Essay Elements Conclusion, C) Organization such as order of importance, How Do I Write A Definition Essay? B) Contents One word or just a few will be the focus of the essay, How Do I Write A Definition Essay? C) Traditional Essay Elements B) Thesis Statement, How Do I Write A Definition Essay? C) Traditional Essay Elements C) Organization, How Do I Write A Definition Essay? A) What is a definition essay? Tone/Voice: Is subjective and has a personal tone/voice rather than objective., One word or just a few will be the focus of the essay support Facts, How Do I Write A Definition Essay? A) What is a definition essay? Length: It is more like an encyclopedia entry than a dictionary entry
David Mantik's definitive essay on the history and location of the Harper Fragment

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While a definition essay is certainly considered an explanatory piece of writing, defining abstract terms is often quite personal and certainly subjective. While you are not trying to openly convince your reader that your definition is the absolutely correct one, you are at least subtly doing so.

In terms of essay construction plan, a typical definition essay will look like this:

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Elizabeth Alexander
Rita Dove's first collection of poems, The Yellow House on the Corner (1980), heralded the arrival of a new voice in American letters. In Thomas and Beulah, her third books of poems, Dove reveals her power as a narrative poet in the imaginative retelling of the story of her grandparents' courtship and subsequent life together. The book was awarded the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. She has published eight books of poems, and her literary accomplishments extend beyond that form. She is the author of a novel Through the Ivory Gate (1992), a book of short stories Fifth Sunday (1985), many essays (some collected in The Poet's World, 1995), including a definitive essay on the work of Derek Walcott, and a play, The Darker Face of the Earth (1994), which has been produced to great acclaim in the United States and abroad.

Below mentioned is the list of attractive definitive essay topics which you can select according to your needs, choice and your specialty.

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In order to write a definition essay, you should have a very clear idea of what you are going to write; best of all – you should write on something you care about. Analytical skills will also come in handy, for, although you may understand perfectly well the concept as such, you may be dumbfounded when asked to actually define what it is.