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Using my own extensive collection, various on-line libraries, and book-dealer links, I have compiled (actually, always in progress) a comprehensive bibliography of his works, including various editions, foreign language editions, articles, uncollected stories, films made from his works, etc.

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 Bli först att  boken Street and Interurban Railroads 1855-1955: : A Comprehensive Bibliography.

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Few figures in the twentieth century have been as inspirational as Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi. Interest in this extraordinary man has produced a massive amount of printed material, making Ananda M. Pandiri's comprehensive bibliography an invaluable reference tool for scholars and students. Pandiri has meticulously searched printed and electronic indexes, publisher's catalogs, and university libraries throughout India, Britain, and the U.S. to compile a complete bibliography of sources in the English language. This volume is organized and cross-referenced for easy use and access to a voluminous amount of information.

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The first of three volumes, this comprehensive bibliography of more than 2,200 entries includes all English-language biographies of Gandhi, writings by Gandhi, and bibliographic sources. A unique aspect of the work is a section on books read by Gandhi, a useful list for those seeking insight on Gandhi. Pandiri has carefully examined the titles included and, unlike many earlier bibliographers, he has annotated all of Gandhi's voluminous writings. He also provides in-depth descriptive and evaluative annotations for the other works, noting content, scope, authority, use, and historical significance.

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Faculty and researchers interested in university–community engagement come from a broad spectrum of disciplines and departments. Often the journals they follow are specific to their disciplines, and they are not aware of journals devoted to community engagement or of the depth of library resources in the area of community engagement. The compilation of a comprehensive bibliography of community-engaged scholarship will introduce scholars and practitioners to books and journal articles that they might not be currently aware of, thus fostering more frequent use and citation of community engaged scholarship. Potential future impacts include increasing the production and publication of new scholarship, as scholars and practitioners learn of more books and journals that specialize in community-engaged scholarship; disseminating CES more widely to advance the scholarly conversation and practice of community engagement across disciplines; and improving the overall practice of university–community engagement.

This comprehensive annotated bibliography contains 220 references on computer technology in nursing

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I have attempted to include the most comprehensive bibliography on Bowen possible. I thank those who will email me in advance for their participation in generating resources for Bowen scholars.

The following people have been invaluable resources since the beginning of the bibliography project that began with Modern Fiction Studies. I extend my deepest gratitude to those who have directly and indirectly helped me in the compilation of this bibliography: Susan Osborn, who initially solicited my work in compiling the Selected Bibliography; Sean Latham, University of Tulsa, for his continued mentorship; the staff of Farley Library at Wilkes University; the staff of the University of Tulsa's McFarlin Library and Special Collections; the Henry Ransom Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin; J'Nan Sellery and William O. Harris for their 1981 comprehensive bibliography on Bowen; Gillian Ray-Barruel, University of Queensland; Karen Schaller, University of Sussex; Larry Kuhar, Wilkes University, for his tireless support, guidance, and example of a true professional; Mischelle Anthony, Kathie Kemmerer, Maria Hebert-Leiter, Chad Stanley, and Janet Starner, all from Wilkes University, for their peer reviewing suggestions and assistance; the IT team at Wilkes University, particularly Craig Thomas; and the editorial staff of Modern Fiction Studies for their assistance with the Selected Bibliography.

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The purpose of this paper is not to discuss the origin of the bays butto present a comprehensive bibliography which will benefit scholars engagedin Carolina Bays research. Some few works which are included deal onlytangentially with Carolina Bays, but they are significant as related tothe body of literature on this subject. An examination of the bibliographyshows that Carolina Bays research is far-ranging including soil studies,land use capabilities, and ecological research With respect to theoriesof origin, it should be noted that a work by Savage (1982) which is highlyvalued for its bibliography on the subject also contains detailed discussionsof the more notable works concerned with bay origins.