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This website contains, in pdf form, the complete PhD thesis for David Alexander Sewell as submitted to the University of Reading in 2001. Below is the introductory chapter explaining the premise and direction of the work.

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I have made my complete PhD thesis available for download under the  below.

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Use the to check and give the University permission for your complete PhD thesis to be made available online. Theses prior to 2008 can only be made publicly available with the authors permission.

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The recommended length of a complete PhD thesis is between 80,000 and 120,000 words
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The complete PhD Thesis is available for download as Word document or in PDF format: see here

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Candidates are advised that their initial application should include a substantial writing sample, which may be as long as a complete PhD thesis or draft of one, and that there will be no further opportunity to submit written work after that time. Candidates in the Arts and Humanities are expected to supply a substantial amount of written work, and those who submit less than 30,000 words will find themselves at a serious disadvantage. Successful Arts candidates often submit 60-80,000 word dissertations. Those in the Sciences will find that they need to submit less text where mathematical formulations, graphs, figures and illustrations are presented.

MINIMUM TIME REQUIREMENT: Minimum time required to complete PhD thesis is two years

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This is my complete PhD thesis. It is available in French only. However, even if you don't read French, some of the equations, figures, or references might still be useful for you.