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Assuming that five-to-seven pages is an average length ofa college research paper, the approximate proportions of the four main partsare shown below.



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This web page lists a variety of sources that are acceptable for use in advanced college research papers such as those required in my courses. In particular, I strongly encourage the use of academic books and journal articles, as well as the use of new sources such as newspapers or news wires.

College Research Paper Outline Template

College Research Paper Template

What is to be done about global warming? What is the social context for Jack Kerouac's On the Road? What is Attention Deficit Disorder, and why is diagnosis and treatment for the disorder so controversial? These are examples of the kinds of topics students explore in college research papers. Generally, an instructor will give students parameters for a research assignment: for example, in an American History class an instructor may ask students to write about a person or event studied in class; in an English class, students may be encouraged to explore the social or political contexts for a work, or the life of an author. Whatever your assignment, the starting point, once you have your general topic, is to figure out what you want to do with the topic.