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Here is a list of chemistry websites for students that are learning chemistry both in high school and university level. There are sites that offer videos, online textbooks and supplemental material that comes in handy.

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Since chemistry help you explore the world around you, most people are curious to know this science. You might know the basic ideas like atomic theories, models and elements of chemistry. Although the fundamentals concepts are learned in your primary classes, most students are not aware of the role of chemistry in everyday life. Chemistry websites serve as excellent sources to gain in-depth knowledge about everything associated with chemical elements and their reactions.

Dr. Wagner's Chemistry Education Website

You can find answers to everything that you wanted to know with the help of these websites. Both students and teachers can get online help for whatever they are looking for. Advanced areas like nuclear chemistry, Kinetics, Redox chemistry, Equilibria and Macromolecule chemistry can be easily learned through these websites. As a whole, chemistry websites act as perfect guide for those who love this subject.

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Doug Errett - Chemistry Website

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