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Satchell presents as melodrama Purcell's fight against the British who will inevitably conquer the Maori and take their land, recounting with enthusiasm the unlikely and sensational details of his heroic life and death. Yet in the following excerpt from Purcell's final letter before the Britist execute him for treason his lucidly expressed decision to fight alongside the Maori anticipates some of the ideas Camus would later espouse:

I am not under any illusions as to the result of the war; nor do I expect to achieve any good by allying myself with the native cause. But for thirty years these have been my people, and for thirty years their country has been my home. I shall not go far afield, and you need expect from me no deeds of derring-do; but I should be a sorry knave if I deserted my friends in their need, or failed to strike a blow in defence of those I love.[5]
Camus expresses similar ideas in his Chroniques, here translated by David Spritzen:
I realize that it is not my role to transform either the world or man: I have neither sufficient virtue nor insight for that. But it may be to serve, in my place, those few values without which even a transformed world would not be worth living in, and man, even if "new", would not deserve to be respected.[6]
During the 1930s and 40s when Frank Sargeson and John Mulgan debunked the Myth of Progress with Men Alone who struggled constantly and yet could not achieve a conventional happy ending, the world-view assumed by their narratives also resembles Camus'. Although there is almost no possibility of direct influence there are obvious similarities between Bill in Sargeson's "That Summer" (written between 1938 and 1941), Johnson in Mulgan's Man Alone (1939) and Meursault in Camus' The Outsider (first published in French in 1942): all three are drifters and their narratives place a particular emphasis on their present tense sensations as well as on their inability to evaluate them.

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