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When it comes to the way certain individuals choose to portray themselves physical beauty can have a variety of meanings depending on how that certain individual perceives beauty. Although it is a clich Eit is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty can be found within a being; women, especially are surrounded with images which society would consider being beautiful. For example a woman must meet a certain weight or height requirement; in addition, she must pamper herself with facials and manicures. A woman must possess a certain look according to whatever seems fashionably popular for the time period. Society puts a lot of pressure on women to fit a certain criteria of beauty. It is seen in magazines, on the runway, in television, movies, just about any form of media out there. Men are also pressured by society to look a certain way; they too are expected to have: a masculine and built body to be tough and rugged yet stylish. Beauty in essence is confidence; it has to do with the way a person feels about themselves and how they determine their own self-worth.

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Beauty is discussed much and actively, and there are numerous dimensions for discussing this issue. Do you want to do something bigger than discussing “what beauty is” in your beauty essay? Then, we will try to provide you with original beauty essay ideas that you may be really interested in.

Beauty essays: topic 1. Beauty around us: seeing beauty in ordinary things

When one looks at a puddle, he/she can see either dirty water or stars that it reflects. Do you have a habit of finding beauty in ordinary things around you? Do you think that this ability is a skill that one should acquire? Discuss these questions in your beauty essay.

Beauty essays: topic 2. Beauty and happiness: do they always walk together?

Beauty and happiness is a very popular and controversial topic. On the one hand, people who do not consider themselves beautiful or are often told that they are not beautiful are often very unhappy. On the other hand, many people become unhappy because of their beauty – just recollect the example of Dorian Gray. In your beauty essay, express your thoughts on this question

Beauty essays: topic 3. Antiquity and beauty

Nowadays people are still impressed with the beauty of Ancient Greek and Roman statues. Antiquity created the notion of beauty that has survived through centuries. In your opinion, why is it so? Do you think that modern understanding of beauty is influenced by its ancient understanding and is someway similar to it?

Beauty essays: topic 4. Why do we all need beauty?

People like beautiful things. People are fascinated with works of art full of beauty. People want to be beautiful. Discuss in your beauty essay, where this aspiration for beauty comes from. What role does beauty play in our life?

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Writing about beauty is incredibly interesting and pleasant. The only thing you need to do is to choose a good beauty essay topic. Do you want to go further than writing an ordinary “What is beauty?” essay? Let us offer you some original beauty essay topics that you will definitely enjoy working on.

Beauty essays: topic 1. Evolution of beauty

Look at the pictures of the Renaissance epoch. What do you think the ladies depicted in them would hear from a modern plastic surgeon? It seems that the notions of a handsome man and a beautiful woman really do evolve through centuries. In your beauty essay, express your own considerations on this issue.

Beauty essays: topic 2. Beauty will save the world

These words belong to a famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Do a research and find out what meaning a writer put into this phrase. Discuss this statement in your beauty essay and explain what this phrase means personally for you. Tell whether you agree or disagree with this statement.

Beauty essays: topic 3. How fashion and media influence the notion of beauty

There is an opinion: nowadays fashion designers do limit their work to guessing customers’ needs and following tendencies that emerge in everyday life. They stay in the vanguard of fashion evolution and make the weather. Thus, consumers have nothing to do but to accept the latest trends in fashion. Discuss this statement in your beauty essay and say whether you agree or disagree with it.

Beauty essays: topic 4. Can beauty be destructive?

Beauty is what definitely makes or world better. However, there are some cases when beauty can become a curse, a destructive power for its owner or people around him/her. Try to recollect such cases from the real life and literature and discuss them in your beauty essay.

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Beauty essaysThesis: Beauty in today’s society is perceived in terms of one’s size and complexion

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Many people in this world have their own definition of what beauty is