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Museums have become one of the most popular ways of telling history. Many scholars argue that museums are not neutral places; rather, they are often used for a wide range of strategic purposes: regulating social behavior, building citizenship and national identity, and expanding state power. But museums also face a variety of constraints and challenges: culture, money, politics, physical space, locating and selecting appropriate artifacts, and forming narratives. This course considers these issues by looking at history museums and heritage preservation in Hong Kong. The goals of the course are to familiarize students with a range of theoretical approaches to museum studies; explore the ways in which museums and heritage preservation can be used to further certain political, cultural, and commercial agendas; and help students learn to write an analytical research essay based on readings and museum fieldwork.

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Third Assignment: Prospectus (5%)

The third assignment involves writing a prospectus (150 words) which will describe your large project for the class. It will include a statement of the content upon which you plan to focus your 8-page analytical research essay. It will also include a carefully drafted research question which will guide your research and your analysis. Your prospectus is your chance to "pitch" your plan for the 8-page essay to your TA and to me. We, in turn, will give you feedback and guidance. In some cases, you will be asked to focus, clarify, or even alter your proposal based upon an assessment of how feasible and appropriate the project is. Students must receive approval of their prospectus prior to embarking on the writing of the essay.
In the course of the first two assignments, you began to develop a focus for your longer research project. The third assignment is the next step in defining that project. The choice and design of the topic is entirely up to you. There are only four concrete requirements, in addition to the length of the long essay, and they are:

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In summary, TPS Classical is a complete integrated Humanities program to prepare students for the most rigorous colleges, providing three core credits per year, four optional AP credits, plus dedicated training in Study Skills and Analytical Research Essay Writing.

The analytical research essay usually begins with a question and explores or evaluates the topic
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This is an analytical research essay using critical sources, not simply an opinion essay

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ONE A thoughtfully-focused, coherent, carefully-documented analytical research essay (of

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